I'm Here For You

A photographic insight into mental health to show you're never alone.


According to official figures, more than 350 million people across the world suffer from depression and 1 in 50 students in England has registered a mental health condition with their university. “I’m Here For You” explores how mental health is represented throughout the media and aims to create a more accurate depiction. I wanted to produce photographs so that people who are affected by mental health conditions, or friends and family of those who are, can find comfort from my work, I also think it is important to raise awareness and take photographs which further people’s understanding.

During this project, I worked alongside four young adults between the ages of 19 and 22 to create work that could act as reassurance and guidance for readers who have been affected by mental health conditions, or know someone who has. I also also made a more personal body of work specifically for the four people who helped me so much throughout the project. In terms of the work I produced; I asked them each a set of questions, and based upon their answers of what helps them through an attack, I photographed both an object and a place. The second set of photographs I have taken explores the different colours that people associate with seven specific emotions; happiness, uncontrollable happiness, calmness, contentment, sadness, anger, and anxiety.

Mental health is such an important issue that many people struggle with. However, these conditions have been known as Invisible Illnesses and therefore are considered as less important or even fake; because there is no visible cut or break unaware people refuse to believe the illness is real. Due to the negative connotations surrounding mental health, it is often the case that people are left feeling unsupported and unable to call for help. This stigma only began to lessen over the past ten or so years and although understanding has grown, it is still not enough. I undertook this project to widen people’s understanding and encourage a more empathetic and sustainable approach to mental health care.


Uncontrollably Happy





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